Hull Clarity Restoration Kit


Each Hull Clarity Restoration Kit is suitable for one bow-to-stern entire hull restoration of a single kayak or spot-maintenance of up to 5 kayaks.


Our Hull Clarity Restoration Kit is a must-have item for rental companies and Crystal Kayak owners who use their kayaks often. During the course of normal use over time, Crystal Kayaks will develop markings that reduce the optical clarity of the hull. We have developed a series of steps and products that easily remove these blemishes and restore the hull to like-new condition.

Each Kit Contains the Following Items:

1 x Magic Eraser
1 x Drill Attachment to Hold Sanding Discs
6 x Gold 500 Grit Sanding Discs
4 x White 800 Grit Finishing Discs
1 x Gray 3000 Grit Refining Disc
1 x Rubbing Compound
1 x Compounding Pad
1 x UV Coating & Clarity Restoration Solution
1 x Instructions

You will need to provide a corded or wireless electric drill.


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